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mslGLFace Class Reference

An internal class, used only for RenderGL. More...

#include <renderglobj.h>

List of all members.

Public Methods

 mslGLFace ()
 ~mslGLFace ()
void AddVertex (const mslGLVertex &ver)
void AddNormal (const mslGLNormal &nor)
void AddTexCoord (const mslGLTexCoord &tex)
void AddVertex (const MSLVector &ver)
void AddNormal (const MSLVector &nor)
void AddTexCoord (const MSLVector &tex)
void Clear ()
void PrintVertex ()
void DrawFace ()

Public Attributes

int NumberOfPoint
int NumberOfNormal
int NumberOfTexCoord
mslGLVertex* VerticeCoord
mslGLNormal* NormalCoord
mslGLTexCoord* TextureCoord
int NormalOn
int TextureOn
int ColorOn
int MaterialID

Detailed Description

An internal class, used only for RenderGL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mslGLFace::mslGLFace ( )

mslGLFace::~mslGLFace ( )

Member Function Documentation

void mslGLFace::AddNormal ( const MSLVector & nor )

void mslGLFace::AddNormal ( const mslGLNormal & nor )

void mslGLFace::AddTexCoord ( const MSLVector & tex )

void mslGLFace::AddTexCoord ( const mslGLTexCoord & tex )

void mslGLFace::AddVertex ( const MSLVector & ver )

void mslGLFace::AddVertex ( const mslGLVertex & ver )

void mslGLFace::Clear ( )

void mslGLFace::DrawFace ( )

void mslGLFace::PrintVertex ( )

Member Data Documentation

int mslGLFace::ColorOn

int mslGLFace::MaterialID

mslGLNormal* mslGLFace::NormalCoord

int mslGLFace::NormalOn

int mslGLFace::NumberOfNormal

int mslGLFace::NumberOfPoint

int mslGLFace::NumberOfTexCoord

mslGLTexCoord* mslGLFace::TextureCoord

int mslGLFace::TextureOn

mslGLVertex* mslGLFace::VerticeCoord

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