10.2.3 Graph Search Methods

Value iteration is quite general; however, in many instances, most of the time is wasted on states that do not update their values because either the optimal cost-to-go is already known or the goal is not yet reached. Policy iteration seems to alleviate this problem, but it is limited to small state spaces. These shortcomings motivate the consideration of alternatives, such as extending the graph search methods of Section 2.2. In some cases, Dijkstra's algorithm can even be extended to quickly obtain optimal solutions, but a strong assumption is required on the structure of solutions. In the nondeterministic setting, search methods can be developed that produce only feasible solutions, without regard for optimality. For the methods in this section, $ X$ need not be finite, as long as the search method is systematic, in the sense defined in Section 2.2.


Steven M LaValle 2012-04-20