Further Reading

Close connections exist between VR and computer graphics because both are required to push visual information onto a display; however, many subtle differences arise and VR is much less developed. For basic computer graphics, many texts provide additional coverage on the topics from this chapter; see, for example [204]. For much more detail on high-performance, high-resolution rendering for computer graphics, see [5]. Comprehensive coverage of BRDFs appears in [22], in addition to [5].

Ray tracing paradigms may need to be redesigned for VR. Useful algorithmic background from a computational geometry perspective can be found in [343,42]. For optical distortion and correction background, see [46,118,131,201,332,336]. Chromatic aberration correction appears in [234]. Automatic stitching of panoramas is covered in [33,304,322].

Steven M LaValle 2020-01-06