The big news

I am finally announcing my big update. I recently accepted a Software Engineer position at LinkedIn! I had a good time at Wolfram, and worked with a lot of smart people there on some very cool products, but in the end I think it was just time.

It has been quite the transition, which involved me ending the years of procrastination and finally getting a driver's license, relocating to the Bay Area, and navigating the real estate madness out here, but it's worth it. I'm really excited about this new stage in my journey, and being in Silicon Valley is an exhilarating experience, everyone is creating something. It's been a dream since high school to live out here, and I hope to keep posting updates here, but in the meantime you can definitely View Kamilah Taylor's LinkedIn profileView my profile on LinkedIn.

Another update!

I am on a roll! I've added a new page with a video from a tech talk I gave in October 2011, with my colleague Lambert Chao.

Post grad school update

Finally, an update after two years! Since leaving grad school with an M.Sc., I've worked at Wolfram, Makers of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha. Below you can see a picture of me presenting my first year of work at the Wolfram Tech Conference in 2011!

Expect to see more updates soon! Exciting changes to come.

New videos

New videos are available on the I-Bug page!

New webpage

I'm back from ICRA 2009 and have a new webpage.