CS 497: Planning and Decision Making

Spring 2003 11:00-12:15 TuTh 260 MEB
Registration: 1 unit, 01639 LECT SML

Instructor: Prof. Steve LaValle, 2107 DCL, lavalle@cs.uiuc.edu

A. General Information and Motivation
B. Topics
C. Lectures
D. Papers
E. Related Web Pages

A. General Information and Motivation

B. Topics (tentative)
C. Lectures

Week Topics Scribes Notes
Jan 21,23 course overview, single-stage decision making, loss, deterministic vs. randomized decisions, continuous choice sets, uncertainty, games against nature, observation spaces, Bayes and minimax decision rules Steve Lindemann
Matt Vagnoni
George Zaimes
Lindemann's: tex pdf
Vagnoni's: tex pdf
Zaimes': tex ps tex ps
Jan 28,30 utility theory, criticisms of decision theory, frequentist vs. Bayesian, obtaining priors, multiobjective decision making, multi-stage decision making, state spaces, additive loss Shai Sachs
Hanning Zhou
Sachs': ps ps
Zhou's: ps
Feb 4, 6 representations (STRIPS, decision-theoretic, graph), cost-to-come, cost-to-go, forward and backwards dynamic programming, relation to Dijkstra, DP paper: PS tex Pedro DeRose
Terrance Chen
Rishi Talreja
Talreja's: tex ps
Chen's: tex pdf figure
DeRose's: tex pdf
Feb 11, 13 multiple-stage games against nature, Markovian models, feedback strategies, infinite horizon problems Joe Large
Vince Horrell
Gio Kao
Warren Shen
Kao's: tex ps figure
Shen's: tex ps
Horrell's: tex pdf figure
Large's: tex pdf
Feb 18, 20 infinite horizon problems, policy iteration, reinforcement learning Constantin Georgescu
Shiau Hong Lim
Xiaolei Li
Li's: tar.gz ps pdf
Lim's: ps pdf tex zip
Feb 25, 27 imperfect state information, information space representations Sherwin Tam
Han-Sze Amy Wong
M. M. Hassan Mahmud
Mike Treaster
Treaster's: pdf tex
Tam's: pdf tex
Mahmuds's: pdf tar
Mar 4, 6 two-person zero-sum games, nonzero sum games Shamsi Tamara Iqbal
John Benjamin Cassel
Peng Cheng
Cheng's: ps pdf tex
Cassel's: ps tex
Iqbal's: pdf tex
Mar 11, 13 continuous state and action spaces, approximation and sampling issues Lin Shi
Benjamin Tovar
Tovar's: ps pdf tex
Shi's: ps pdf zip

D. Papers

Date Presenter(s)
Mar 18 George Zaimes, Vince Horrell
Mar 20 Benjamin Tovar
Apr 1 Joe Large, Lin Shi
Apr 3 Rishi Talreja
Apr 8 Shai Sachs, Sherwin Tam
Apr 10 Hassan Mahmud
Apr 15 John Cassel, Terrence Chen
Apr 17 Gio Kao
Apr 22 Xiaolei Li, Shiau Hong Lim
Apr 24 Warren Shen
Apr 29 Steve Lindemann, Hanning Zhou
May 1 Matt Vagnoni, Pedro DeRose
May 6 Mike Treaster, Peng Cheng
May 8 Shamsi Tamara Iqbal

The following papers are suggestions for in-class presentation and discussion. Final projects could also be derived from the papers by constructing implementations, comparisons, variants, improvements, etc., of the ideas contained in the papers. You may also present a paper that is not on this list, but check first with the instructor. It does not necesarrily have to pertain to robotics/AI, as long as it has interesting algorithmic issues in the context of decision theory, planning, optimization, or game theory.

Papers in order of presentation:

Unselected Papers:

E. Related Web Pages


Single-Stage Decision Making: Sequential Decision Making: Game Theory: