Description of example2

This is a TYPICAL example in which RRT makes very bad choices regarding the extension of the tree.A case when the initial state is within the obstacles(initial state (30,40)),the RRT Planner takes an inordinate amount of time . On the other hand in such a case the RRTWeight and RRTGoalBias have decent performance, with the latter being slightly better.The average time taken is given below
Initial (30,40) Goal(60,40)
RRT-->509.11     RRTGoalBias--> 13.03     RRTWeight-->13.50
On changing the initial state and goal state to slightly outside the obstacles,the performance of RRT improved significantly from above case.The performance of both RRTWeight and RRTGoalBias was again comparable. However,in this case RRTweight gave slightly better performance than RRTGoalBias
Initial (30,40) Goal(96,96)
RRT-->84.64     RRTGoalBias-->7.93     RRTWeight-->7.17

The paths computed by the planners for the above case are given below:
path by RRT
path by RRTGoalBias
path by RRTWeight