Navigating An Asteroid Field


Computer Science 476 Final Project Report

Kerby Seeley - 04/26/00


Project Description

The purpose of this project is to explore motion strategy as it applies to movement through a three-dimensional space.  I originally had some grand ideas for what I wanted to do with this project, but reality set in, and I realized that I would be pressed to get just a minimal project completed on time.


I am using OpenGL compiled with Microsoft VC++ 5.0 to do the graphical interface for the project.  So far the project consists of a space shown by a red wireframe cube.  Inside the cube are 80 “asteroids” of random radius placed at random coordinates.  Also inside the cube is a small, transparent green sphere which represents the “ship” that will eventually travel through the asteroid field.  To keep everything simple, I am using spheres to represent both the ship and the asteroids.


I haven’t had the time to implement the path planner yet, but I intend to use a simple RRT.  Aside from a few aesthetic functions that I want to include in the project, the path planner is all that needs to be programmed.


Screen Shots

Ship In Asteroid Field Angle 1

Ship In Asteroid Field Angle 2

Ship With Asteroids Removed Angle 2


Source Code