Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Summer 2004 12:00-1:10 MTuWThF

Instructor: Steve Lindemann (

Course Materials:

Lecture Room: 241El
Laboratory Room: 234 EL

Homework: Homework problems are available via Mallard on the Internet and graded immediately by the computer. Problems may be worked up to ten times without penalty and highest grade is recorded (100pts.max/problem ). There is a 50 pt. penalty for problems submitted after the due date, and a 10 pt. penalty for each attempt after the tenth. Homeworks are due at 11:59pm on the date specified.

The Mallard page for this course can be found here.

Exams: There will be three 1-hour exams given. Exams will be held in the evening, from 7-8pm, and are in the same room as the lectures. Tentatively, these exams are scheduled for:

  1. Wednesday, June 30
  2. Monday, July 19
  3. Wednesday, July 28

Final Exam: The final exam will be held on Thursday, August 5, at 7:00pm.

Grading Policy:
Lab: experiments (30%), design challenge (15%), effort (5%)
Lecture: exams (20%), final exam (20%), homework (10%)

Final grades are based on combined lecture and lab performance. No plus or minus letter grades are given. A grade of "F" will be given to anyone who does not score at least 50% in both the lecture and the lab.

Schedule: (subject to change)

6/14-6/16Electrical circuits
Kirchhoff's laws
Chapter 0, 1Intro. to Mallard (6/15)
6/16-6/18Kirchhoff's laws, Resistance Chapter 2HW1 (6/18)
HW2 (6/19)
6/21-6/23Magnetism Chapter 3HW3 (6/21)
HW4 (6/23)
6/23-6/25IV Characteristics, Diodes Chapter 4, 6HW5 (6/25)
6/28-6/30Transistors Chapter 7HW6 (6/29)
Practice Exam 1 (6/30)
6/30-7/2Digital circuits with transistors Chapter 8HW7 (7/2)
7/6-7/7Combinatorial digital circuits Chapter 9HW8 (7/7)
HW9 (7/7)
7/8-7/9(cont.) Chapter 9HW10 (7/9)
7/12-7/14Sequential digital circuits Chapter 11HW11 (7/14)
7/14-7/16(cont.) Chapter 11HW12 (7/16)
7/19-7/21Computer architecture Chapter 12Practice Exam 2 (7/19)
7/22-7/23Node Analysis Chapter 14HW13 (7/22)
HW14 (7/23)
7/26-7/28Equivalent Circuits Chapter 15HW15 (7/26)
Practice Exam 3 (7/28)
7/28-7/30Capacitance/Inductance Chapter 16HW16 (7/30)
8/2-8/6Review  HW17 (7/30)
HW18 (8/3)
Practice Final Exam (8/5)

Office Hours:
Office hours will be held each day after lecture until 2:00pm, and at additional times (to be determined). Unless otherwise stated, all office hours are held in the lecture room, 241EL. Questions will also be answered via email.

You can find Dr. Brunet's slides from her web page. These may be a useful reference.