Oculus VR is a successful startup that aims at low-cost virtual reality headset for gaming applications. It was acquired by Facebook in March 2014. I was fortunate to join Oculus VR from the very start in October 2012 and work there until the acquisition.

Numerical methods lie at the core of sensor-fusion and head tracking for the Oculus virtual reality headset. While at Oculus, I have developed and implemented algorithms for numerical integration, differentiation, extrapolation, and matrix decompositions over Euclidean 3d space, SO(3) (the space of 3d rigid rotations), and SE(3).

At Oculus I was also presented with an opportunity to extensively use my SO(3) expertise. Quaternions are central to smooth head tracking in virtual reality. Other popular parameterizations, such as Euler angles, while intuitive and widely used in gaming industry, do not fit the virtual reality applications in which the user is allowed to look straight up and straight down. I have developed and implemented the quaternion library for the use with the Oculus Rift.


From the official Oculus VR web site: www.oculusvr.com/news/

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